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Monday’s Rainy day Special


Okay so apparently its supposed to rain tomorrow all day. So I’m gonna go ahead and offer a $40 minimum (plus tip*) tomorrow until we close at 5pm for anyone interested in getting a tattoo done. Ill have the shop up and open by 10am. This offer goes for full color or black and grey your choice. Im open to suggestions if you have anything particular you would like tattooed and can offer you a fair price based on work to be done. Other than that ill have some designs ready to choose from and available. Hope to see your tomorrow .. Contact me at 562.308.6789 “PLEASE SHARE” and tag Friends

Busy Monday at the shop


Was a busy day at the shop today Mike was going in on this back piece.  Give him a follow on instagram at mikestattoos310 and don’t forget to follow the shop on instagram at madballtattoos . If you would like to book yourself an appointment you can contact us direct at the shop at 310-742-7076

Monday Fun Day

IMG_4138Time to start prepping for Musink. This year should be a really good one. Lets see if i can complete 4 paintings in time for this years event. Not to mention some new flash sheets, prints T-shirts and everything else to go with it haha. Time to buckle down